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The Virtual Machine is a Legacy Construct

Chris Evans from Architecting IT comments:

Virtualisation is great.  As well as being a massively cool technology (and I’ve been using it since 1987), it has allowed us to manage more workload, first by running multiple mainframe instances on the same physical machine and second in the x86 world to take our physical servers and consolidate them into larger physical footprints.  In a way virtualisation had to evolve and for Microsoft it was probably their saviour.  Whilst Unix and therefore Linux could cope reasonably well with multiple applications on the same O/S, Windows is awful at it.  However to get best usage out of our servers with massive compute power, something was needed to get best usage out of them and virtualisation was it.

We’ve had virtual machines for a decade now. Is it time for them to be transformed into some other kind of construct?

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