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When Is Something SD-WAN?

You’ve probably seen SD-WAN solutions in the last few years touting themselves as the best thing since Betty White. You gain all of the VPN overlays you want with consumer priced circuits and application visibility. But are those all the things that really make up SD-WAN? Are they even requirements to be considered an SD-WAN solution?

Daniel Dib has done a lot of thinking on the situation and he’s come up with a great list of things that he thinks need to be included to consider a solution SD-WAN. Note that this list isn’t definitive or all-inclusive. But as you go down the bullet points you’ll quickly realize that Daniel is a lot closer to a real SD-WAN definition than your average marketing department:

We’ve been using things like IP SLA and PfR to provide application-aware routing, that is, the ability to send traffic on different paths depending on how a transport is performing, in regards to the amount of packet loss, latency, and jitter. This provides the ability to protect against brownouts and not only blackouts.

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