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The Role of Cloud in Future Tech

With so many products claiming to be cloud-native today, it’s easy to ponder the future of IT technology, specifically whether or not everything will inevitably be lifted to the cloud. It’s a potential future that some wholeheartedly disagree with; if everything is in the cloud, then nothing will be under IT’s direct control, and as such, be subject to the whims of the cloud provider. Others are fully bought in, happy to be free from being chained to their on-premises infrastructure. Ultimately, it’s a divisive issue.

I, for one, feel that the cloud and its rise to dominance are an inevitable result of the growing globalization we’ve experienced over the last 50 years. With nearly everyone in the world able to speak to someone halfway across the planet at a moment’s notice, it makes sense that the rest of technology needs to be at the same speed and scale. And with software applications becoming crucial to most enterprises and other organizations, having a way to make those apps widespread and always available seems to be a must. But, in light of all this, is the cloud our future?

Is the Future Defined by Cloud?

Another person questioning the role of cloud in future tech is Gina Rosenthal, a perennial contributor to the 24×7 IT Connection blog. In her piece on the matter, Gina questions how we got here and what may be to come. She writes:

Is a foregone conclusion that the future will be defined by cloud? Or are vendor business decisions and marketing driving this future? And if they are, is there technology that is getting pushed aside as vendors work to shape the market for the next phase of computing?

She goes on to cite data as the obvious driver of cloud innovations. As we need more ways to store all of the data we collect and create, on-prem data centers might not be able to keep pace handling the sheer scale of it all. But is the cloud really necessary, and will it become the absolute norm for the future?

Read her piece, Is the Future Defined by Cloud? at to hear her real talk on the matter.

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