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Flexible Scaleout, Tom Lyon, and Reveal(x) in Gestalt News 18.8

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Revealing Security Threats with ExtraHop Reveal(x)

Do you have full confidence in your security monitoring solution? It would appear that no one does based on a recent report. But ExtraHop is hoping to change that with a new product called Reveal(x) that combines their award-winning network monitoring solutions with a security focus to help you decipher what your infrastructure may be hiding.
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Tom Lyon – IT Origins

Every Thursday, we interview an interesting voice in IT for our IT Origins series. We dig into how they got their start in the industry, how it’s changed since then, and what are their best and worst IT trends. We also throw in some productivity tips and book recommendations. This week, we talked to Tom Lyon, Founder and Chief Scientist at DriveScale. In his time in IT, he’s been an intern at Bell Labs, an early employee at Sun Microsystems, and a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco. At Sun, Tom contributed to the UNIX kernel, created the SunLink product family, and was one of the NFS and SPARC architects.
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Spectre, Meltdown, and Flexible Scaleout 

Checkout our latest Liqid Tech Talk post from Russ White: The recent Meltdown and Spectre attacks illustrate the problematic nature of modern computing systems. While the earlier Rowhammer attack could read or attack one process running in a virtual environment from another process running on the same processor, the Meltdown and Spectre attacks are of a completely different class, enabling a process to read large amounts of information from another process’ memory space. This is because inside each hosts, CPU makers have embraced a scale up approach. But what would happen with a more scale out approach to the architecture?

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Tech Field Day 16

February 21-23, 2018

The Tech Field Day crew heads down to Austin for Tech Field Day 16 next month. As always, they’ll have in-depth technical presentations from the biggest names in IT. Make sure to watch their video live stream to catch each presentation, or subscribe to their YouTube channel to catch all the video after the event. Dell EMCForcepoint, and SolarWinds will be presenting, along with the always mysterious “Secret Company!” Follow along on Twitter using #TFD16, and the announced delegates Alastair CookeAndrew MauroEdward HaletkyGabe MaentzHoward MarksJames GreenJohn WelshJon HildebrandKeith TownsendLuigi DanakosRaff Poltronieri, and Sonia Cuff

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