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IPv6 Hits the Weekend, Network Engineers are Programmers, and Epoch Rollover Considerations in Gestalt Networking News 17.5

I like my packet inspection like I like my pizza dish: deep.

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IPv6 Has a Case of the Mondays

If you look at Google’s IPv6 numbers, there’s a slowly accelerating trend of increasing IPv6 traffic. This is completely unsurprising and expected. But if you drill down into the day by day numbers, another pattern emerges. Traffic regularly fluctuate by 25%, and the result is somewhat counterintuitive.

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Upcoming Events in Networking

June 26-28, 2017

Cisco Live US heads out to the desert this June, and a Tech Field Day Extra event will be along for the ride  They’ll have a select group of delegates on hand to hear from the latest and greatest from a variety of Cisco presentations. Paessler and Opengear will also be there. Mark your calendar now and check back soon for full delegate lists and other presenting companies!

More Articles of Interest

Do Network Engineers Need to Become Programmers?

Are network folks now software developers? When do you automate, when do you script, and when do you program? Prominent Reddit celebrities Matt Oswalt and Jason Edelman engaged in a back and forth of the increasing role of programming for network engineers.

Matt Oswalt: Learn Programming of Perish (?)

Jason Edelman: Automate When You Can, Program When You Must

Community Reads

A simple command allows the CIA to commandeer 318 models of Cisco switches – by Dan Goodin

Epoch Rollover: Coming Two Years Early To A Router Near You! – by Chris Marget

Remembering the IBM 1403: Hammer Time – by Rich Stroffolino

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