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Intel Introduces Ice Lake | Gestalt IT Rundown: April 07, 2021

Intel finally released its next-generation server platform, Ice Lake, yesterday. We discuss this story and much more with special guest host Calvin Hendryx-Parker on this week’s Rundown.

Google Saves Us From Software Patents | 0:41 

You may have heard of Google and Oracle and that they have been long locked in a legal battle over the public API of Java. This dates back to before Java was even part of Oracle. Android as a platform was created in the mid-2000s and Google based its mobile operating system on it to make it more approachable by developers. They got a bit of a punch in the face when Oracle acquired Sun and was promptly sued for infringing on Sun’s copyrights. Lot’s of back and forth, but we finally have a ruling by the Supreme Court and Google has come out on top.

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Global Chip Shortages Impact Everyone | 2:49 

Global Chip Shortages Impact EveryoneIt seems strange, but you might not be able to buy a new car right now and it’s not because of a shortage of steel. Instead, automakers can’t source the silicon chips they need due to a global supply crunch. The same is true of many enterprise IT products, and we expect this to impact the cost of everything from phones to laptops.

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Apple Committing to “Grid-Scale” Energy Storage | 6:12

It may not be the 1.21 gigawatts needed to power your time machine, but Apple has announce a commitment to store 240 megawatt-hours of energy. The better new might actually be that 110 of its manufacturing partners to use 100% renewable energy. This is all part of making Apple’s supply chain and products carbon neutral by 2030.

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VAST Data Gets Out of the Hardware Business | 7:48 

Familiar Tech Field Day presenter VAST Data just announced that they’re going to stop making hardware. This isn’t because they’re out of business, far from it; Instead they’re going to focus on delivering software as a subscription, with others providing the hardware.

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Intel Introduces Ice Lake | 10:48 

Frequent viewers of the Gestalt IT Rundown known that we’ve been waiting with bated breath to learn the details of Intel’s next-generation server platform, code name Ice Lake, for years. The company finally released these next-generation server CPUs yesterday, and they address most of the concerns we’ve had with Intel’s server chips, namely more cores, more memory, and PCIe 4.0. But Ice Lake is a lot more than a new chip.

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