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AWS re:Invent Keynote Highlights | Gestalt IT Rundown: December 01, 2021

AWS re:Invent is happening live and in-person through December 3rd and the event has a lot of attention. And Apple has announced a lawsuit against the maker of the Pegasus intelligence software, NSO Group, that we’ve previously covered here on the Rundown. We discuss these stories and more on this week’s Rundown.

Samsung Opening New Fab in Lone Star State | 0:43

Samsung has the eyes of Texas upon it as they announce the opening of a new fabrication facility. They are looking to invest $17 billion to open a facility in Taylor, TX, which is just outside Austin. Construction will begin on the first half of the facility in 2022 with a projected open date of 2024. The site will be almost 54 million square feet in size and is projected to be a huge part of Samsung’s global chip production going forward.

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Riverbed Opens a New Chapter – 11 | 3:06

Riverbed is the latest company to announce a restructuring because of COVID-related challenges. The private firm announced that they will be filing a Chapter 11 debt reorganization that is supported by all the lenders that have a stake in the company. Riverbed, which was taken private in 2014 by Thoma Bravo and OTPP for $3.6 billion, will cut its debt load by $1 billion through restructuring. Control of the debt equity will pass to the junior partners and the senior lenders will be converted to new notes with preferred equity.

Read More: Riverbed Technologies Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection Following Pandemic ‘Headwinds’

Linux Foundation and Graviti Launch OpenBytes | 5:48

There’s a new project hosted by the Linux Foundation this week. OpenBytes is a non-profit open data project designed to establish licensing, foster standardization and data governance, and expand access to open data projects. It is supported by Graviti, who you talked to for the Utilizing AI podcast. 

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XM Cyber Acquired by Schwarz Group | 8:37

Cybersecurity firm XM Cyber was purchased last week by a German retail conglomerate. Schwarz Group, which operates discount retailer Lidl and grocery store chain Kaufland, announced they would be acquiring the threat analysis company for around $700 million. Reports state that XM Cyber will continue to be an independently operated unit.

Read More: Schwarz Group Acquires Israeli Hybrid Cloud Cybersecurity Innovator XM Cyber 

AWS re:Invent Keynote Highlights | 11:56

It’s the big week when Vegas gets taken over by a bookstore! AWS re:Invent is happening live and in-person through December 3rd and the event has a lot of attention. It’s one of the first big events where we will be hearing from CEO Adam Selipsky since Andy Jassy was kicked upstairs to take over for Jeff Bezos, who presumably is now living on Europa or something.

Read More: At the Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent Conference New CEO Adam Selipsky will be Expanding the Playbook

Apple Clips Pegasus’ Wings | 20:06

Did NSO Group wake a sleeping giant? That appears to be the case as Apple has announced a lawsuit against the make of the Pegasus intelligence software that we’ve previously covered here on the Rundown. After being sanctioned by the US government last month Apple came out swinging, saying they wanted to hold NSO Group and parent company OSY Technologies accountable for the targeting of Apple devices and customers. Also mentioned is that the tools are used not only by individual attackers by “state sponsored” groups as well. Apple has further added fuel to the fire by informing journalists and other parties when they have been targeted by Pegasus, including a Polish prosecutor investigating potential voter fraud.

Read More:  Apple Sues NSO Group to Curb the Abuse of State-Sponsored Spyware

The Week Ahead | 26:47

AWS re:Invent is now through December 2 
Networking Field Day Service Provider is December 8 and 9 

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