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Cisco Adds Network as a Service | Gestalt IT Rundown: March 31, 2021

Cisco is adding network as a service with Cisco Plus, Cohesity announced that it has risen in value this year, and Amazon is reportedly looking into making their own chips. We discuss these stories and much more on this week’s Rundown!

Kasten Benchmarking Kubernetes

Kasten, a part of Veeam, has released a new open source benchmark project aimed at providing performance numbers for Kubernetes. According to Kasten, the shift of development to containers along with the variable needs of performance and IOPS is why this new tool was released.

Ubiquiti Breach Catastrophic Per Insider

A new report from Brian Krebs is not looking good for Ubiquiti. The reported data breach back in December 2020 has been cast into a new light by an insider that spoke with the reporter. Apparently, instead of Ubiquiti being collateral damage from a cloud hosting provider attack the reality is that Ubiquiti was the target all along. Hackers gained access to the company’s AWS credentials and had full read/write access to all data for a period of time. The breach was only discovered when new servers were spun up and the attackers demanded 50 BTC to keep quiet.

HYCU Rockets to Massive Series A Round

HYCU just announced a 87.5 million dollar Series A funding round. The data protection company was spun out of Comtrade Software in 2018 and has quietly gained market share against high-flying startups.

Apple Announces WWDC Dates

Apple just announced that the annual Worldwide Developer Conference will be held on June 7 through 11. Although it’s still online, this marks a return to the traditional early June timing of WWDC. And wonks are already reading the tea leaves about what will be announced.

Arm announces Armv9

At Arm Vision Day this week, chip designer Arm announced their v9 architecture. Adopting the latest trends, including heterogeneous compute cores, v9 will add machine learning, digital signal processing, and security enhancements.

Cisco Adds Network as a Service with Cisco Plus

Cisco Live Global is this week and Cisco is moving into the Network-as-a-Service space with their newest offering, Cisco Plus. The move is seen by those in the industry as a shift toward an OpEx model for networking equipment for customers to consume on-demand. Pay for the amount of bandwidth or services you need and get delivery of the equipment within two weeks. Cisco has announced two initial offerings based around hybrid cloud and SD-WAN/SASE.

Cohesity Valued at $3.7 Billion; IPO Forthcoming?

Storage darling Cohesity announced that it has risen in value this year. The company, backed by the SoftBank Vision Fund, is now worth $3.7 billion dollars, which is an increase of over $1 billion from their last funding round last year. In this latest announcement, CEO Mohit Aron said that an IPO was “not far off” and board members are quoted in the linked story as saying that they are not going to be raising more financing in the coming months because the company is flush with cash for the next couple of years.

Amazon Reportedly Making Their Own Networking Chips

Amazon is reportedly looking to make its own networking silicon. The news comes as Amazon seeks to implement new technology based on the Annapurna Labs acquisition from 2015. Amazon is a huge consumer of Broadcom silicon today, using the chip making giant to power their wildly popular public cloud service. If Amazon is able to create a solution using home-grown chips and design it to meet specific needs instead of being forced to use the designs from a merchant vendor like Broadcom it could create difficulty in the chip making market. Tom, this seems very much like Apple and Intel’s recent spat.

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