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Intel is Officially Coming to Ohio | Gestalt IT Rundown: January 26, 2022

It’s official! Intel’s “Mega-Site” in New Albany, Ohio will house a massive chip fab, Intel’s first all-new chipmaking facility in 40 years. NVIDIA’s planned takeover of chip rights company ARM looks to be off. Stephen and special guest host, Chris Grundemann, discuss these stories and more on this week’s Rundown.

Google is Killing Legacy Free G Suite Accounts | 0:41

Google has finally announced that they will be doing away with the G Suite legacy free edition, forcing everyone currently taking advantage of that grandfathered status into a paid Google Workspace subscription. While for some this is a long time coming, for others it may be a bit of an unwelcome surprise. What does this mean for Google and for current legacy G Suite users?

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Intel Will Make a Bitcoin ASIC | 2:19

Intel has announced that they will launch a new ASIC for OEM customers at ISSCC in February. Their talk, entitled ‘Bonanza Mine: An Ultra-Low Voltage Energy Efficient Bitcoin Mining ASIC’, will showcase the 7 nm BZM1 ASIC, and will be somewhat ahead of the latest Bitcoin ASICs from Bitmain of China on a power-per-hash basis. But their second generation BZM2 is listed in an SEC filing, along with a note that Intel will be supplying mining operation Griid Infrastructure. What should we make of an Intel Bitcoin ASIC?

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NVIDIA and Pure Storage Get Meta Supercomputer Contract | 5:44

Meta (aka Facebook) just announced what they are calling the AI Research SuperCluster or RSC, to add another acronym to the IT lexicon. They claim that it is among the world’s fastest AI supercomputers and that it will accelerate AI research and help us build for the metaverse. The Meta announcement states that RSC will help them build new and better AI models, work across hundreds of different languages, develop new augmented reality tools and more. How big of a deal is this really, and what might it mean for NVIDIA?

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Pavilion Data Gets Funded | 9:04

Pavilion Data might not be as familiar a name to everyone as it is to us at Gestalt IT, but the company recently received a new funding round and a management refresh. CEO Dario Zamarian is joined by a team that now includes CPMO Shridar Subramanian to focus Pavilion on high-performance scalable storage for modern applications. What does this funding round say about Pavilion and the storage industry in general?

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MinIO is a Unicorn | 11:36

MinIO just hauled in $103 million in funding, with a total valuation over $1 billion. This is only their Series B, and the company got this far with just $23 million. Although they’re everywhere in the cloud, what’s MinIO’s next move with all this money?

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Intel is Officially Coming to Ohio | 13:09

It’s official! Intel’s “Mega-Site” in New Albany, Ohio will house a massive chip fab, Intel’s first all-new chipmaking facility in 40 years. Located near Columbus, the capital and home of the Ohio State University, the announcement covers the construction of two out of eight planned fabs on the 1000 acre site. It seems that these will be leading-edge fabs and will benefit from federal and state subsidies. Is it time to call Ohio the center of the tech universe?

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NVIDIA Rumored to be Abandoning ARM Takeover | 20:33

NVIDIA’s planned takeover of chip rights company ARM looks to be off. The company hasn’t announced anything officially, but reporting suggests that NVIDIA will pay their $2 billion “breakup fee” to Softbank and ARM and walk away from the deal after having failed to secure approval from China and the US government moving to block it. This was always a controversial deal, and we at Gestalt IT were quite skeptical that it would be approved. Not it looks like it’s off, and ARM will IPO instead.

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The Week Ahead | 25:20

Networking Field Day 27 is now through January 28
Cloud Field day is February 16-18
Mobile World Congress is February 28-March 3

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