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Synopsys to Acquire Ansys | Gestalt IT Rundown: January 17, 2024

Synopsys has officially agreed to acquire Ansys in a landmark $35 billion deal. Specializing in electronic design automation (EDA) tools, Synopsys is integrating Ansys’ electronics design analysis and simulation tools.

1:08 – Hammerspace Uses Archival Tape to Expand Global Data Environment

Score one for the Tape Is Not Dead movement! Much like Paul McCartney, rumors of tape media’s demise have been exaggerated thanks to new support for archival media from Hammerspace. The Tech Field Day presenter said that they are adding tape options to their Global Data Environment. This means that users can now store data on a wide variety of media from SSDs to LTO tapes. It all appears in the GDE as a single file system. Note that this is not backup media but instead archival storage, which is slower access but retains file system metadata.

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4:33 – VMware Kills ESXi

VMware by Broadcom released a knowledge base article this week announcing the End of Availability for a whole list of perpetually licensed products, including the basic version of their ESXi hypervisor. The article states that any product that was perpetually licensed previously is no longer available. This means that the only way to get VMware software going forward is through a subscription-based solution. This follows the other moves that Broadcom has made to turn the virtualization giant into a revenue stream.

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8:50 – Informa and TechTarget are Merging

There’s consolidation in the content industry as TechTarget has agreed to merge with Informa to create a large global platform for tech news and articles. The deal is valued at around $350 million, with Informa giving their Informa Tech business for a stake in the combined company. Existing shareholders in TechTarget will retain about 43% of the combined company after the close.

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12:34 – LG Washing Machine Does Data Dirty

Is your washing machine running up your Internet bill? It might be if you have a fancy smart washer. In a comical story from last week a user noticed their LG smart washing machine was uploading around 3.6GB of data on a daily basis. While LG says that the machine does download improvements for the washing cycle settings regularly the user was puzzled to find a huge amount of data being sent instead of received. An investigation followed and while the user said that the router interface may have been misreporting the amount of data sent the discussion around it hinted that it could have been the result of an attacker breaching the device and using it to mine cryptocurrency or even participate in a botnet.

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16:27 – Seagate Announces Mozaic 3+

If you’ve been holding out for massive storage options in the hard disk drive market your wait is over. After much hinting and teasing, Seagate has announced their enormous Mozaic 3+ line of Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) drives. The units can scale up to 30TB in a single drive with density of 3TB per drive platter. Current densities for traditional magnetic drives are about 16TB. Seagate has stated these drives are drop-in replacements for existing units in case you want to go out and double your storage capacity today.

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21:50 – Google Cloud Eliminates Transfer Fees

Google has decided that moving to another cloud should be free, relatively speaking. They announced this week that network egress to another cloud platform will not cost customers any additional fees. Google’s reported reasoning behind the move is to make it easier for customers to move from one provider to another and allow businesses and governments to scale technology use.

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25:56 – Synopsys to Acquire Ansys

Synopsys has officially agreed to acquire Ansys in a landmark $35 billion deal. Specializing in electronic design automation (EDA) tools, Synopsys is integrating Ansys’ electronics design analysis and simulation tools. How does this blockbuster acquisition affect the world of chip development, and what does it mean for the overall IT industry?

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37:05 – The Weeks Ahead

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