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Qlik Unveils a New Look while Making Strategic Adjustment to Soaring AI Use Cases

Enterprises around the world are tapping into a growing obsession with data to optimize business processes, streamline operations, and improve efficiency. The rapid advances made by AI makes it possible to perform queries and draw insights from raw data without expertise or training. This was unthinkable a few years ago for organizations without an internal data science team.

Working at the intersection of data and AI, Qlik helps customers maximize value from their data, using it to access insights, inform decisions and increasingly, underpin the implementation of AI models. This week, the company unveiled a brand-new look for its logo and website to mark this shift in strategy.

“Its a change in our brand definition and how we show up,” says Kathryn Kane, VP of Brand, Media and Web.

Competitive Advantage Lies in Data

Qlik is a data integration and analytics company that helps businesses unlock the full value of data in an increasingly complex technological landscape. From the outset, companies face many challenges in their data journey – from governance, to generating insights from a dramatically increasing volume of information. The process is accompanied by a sharp learning curve which is costly, and a barrier to seamless delivery.

Qlik helps enterprises harness AI effectively by ensuring that all data is managed and governed effectively. The rebranding gives Qlik a new personality, but also sends a key message about how Qlik’s core value and mission has aligned to the evolution of the market.

Qlik’s new brand manifesto is “Wherever there’s data, there’s opportunity.” As a company committed to delivering analytical and AI capabilities broadly within organizations, Qlik knows that the impact of AI on business is going to be profound, and data is the fuel that will power it. With its growing portfolio, Qlik aims to provide businesses with a foundation upon which they can parse and analyze data, learn and adapt.

A Brand New Identity

With the new look and feel, the company is doubling down on Qlik’s brand attributes and ethos of impact, trust, optimism and vision. Alongside, it is debuting a new market position that is heavily aligned with the increasing importance of data in business, and AI being at the heart of that.

From a multitude of aesthetic choices, Qlik assembled a color palette comprising hues like green, gray, blue and white. The new logo exhibits a clean design, and reflects transparency and efficiency that Qlik stands for.

“The fresh, modern typography of our logo and its streamlined design is our pledge to clarity and efficiency, ensuring that our advanced solutions remain user-centric,” says Qlik.

Purposeful use of limited colors and a white backdrop resulted in a logo that is clean, simple and makes a good first impression. The style extends to the website as well which accurately reflects the personality behind the brand. While retaining the identifiable look and feel, the new website fosters a strong first impression with a sense of singularity helping the brand to stand out instantly.

Wrapping Up

Data analytics has penetrated businesses in all sectors. It is increasingly important as the foundation of real-world AI use cases. When armed with versatile tools like Qlik, enterprises show greater confidence in their ability to examine and understand data, and those reported to have high concentrations of analytics achieve faster outcomes and better bottom lines. Qlik’s updated look, besides triggering a favorable psychological reaction, reflects the positive experience that it promises. But more importantly, its repositioning shows a commitment to furthering the advantage and potential of data and AI to all businesses.

To learn more, head over to Qlik’s new-look website. Also, be sure to check out the Qlik Tech Talks from AWS re:Invent 2023 here at Gestalt IT.

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