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The Future of SD-WAN Is Now!

  1. The Future of SD-WAN Is Now!
  2. An Engineer’s View Of SD-WAN In 2017
  3. FutureWAN – The SD-WAN Education You Need

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a paradigm shift. But it has been looking for a real use-case for the technology that combines increased software function, analytics, and unprecedented control over hardware resources. Automation and orchestration certainly show off the potential of the technology, but something more concrete is necessary to make it hit home with engineers and architects. That’s where Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) comes into play.

SD-WAN takes the concepts behind SDN and makes them make sense to IT professionals. What was once something as simple as finding low cost links to save money on routing traffic has become a full-blown way to leverage cheaper circuits for traffic offload and provide analytics data about usage to help bolster contract negotiations for future circuit usage. SD-WAN has helped connect remote sites and provide enhanced functionality at the edge of the network.

But SD-WAN is more than just a piece of hardware and software at the edge. It’s a complicated set of interactions between routing, firewalls, applications, and the cloud. Each of these aspects is a visible and vital component of the WAN as users see it today. Each needs to be considered when planning the implementation of a new SD-WAN deployment. Discussions about the need to plan for cloud application usage needs to be held along with showcasing the need for enhanced firewall inspection at the edge.

If this all sounds like a significant investment in time and effort, you would be right on any normal day. But next week, the FutureWAN summit can offer you the chance to hear the stories and discussions that you need to understand all the components of SD-WAN from planning to deployment to management. Experts from Anuta Networks, LiveAction, Viptela, VMware, and others will be attending this virtual summit to highlight the key components of SD-WAN and how it can help you improve application performance, enhance security, and reduce costs on circuits and maintenance.

There will also be key presentations from some of the best and brightest engineers in the networking community today. Sessions led by Greg Ferro and Eyvonne Sharp will give the perspective of real networking engineers that have researched and implemented SD-WAN technologies and know the impact that enterprises will face on the road to adoption. In addition, Tech Field Day will be holding a roundtable discussion featuring even more engineers in the networking world discussing how SD-WAN will affect your networking future.

The best part? It’s all totally free! That’s right! Viptela has worked hard to sponsor this summit and make it available for all registered attendees to spend the whole week consuming this important content and helping to plan their future WAN projects, just as Gartner has predicted that SD-WAN deployment will grow to 50% of the upgrade market in just three short years.

If you’d like to attend this important summit, make sure to register today at and indicate your attendance. You’ll be able to sit in the comfort of your favorite chair and learn all there is to know about SD-WAN. Make sure you watch all the great content and make your next WAN decision with the knowledge of what the future has to offer.

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