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The Year of AI at AI Field Day 4

Everybody says that 2024 is the year of AI, but our industry has been building the foundation for years. From processors and accelerators to storage and data platforms, applications that leverage machine learning have special demands. That’s the focus of AI Field Day, which features an entire day sponsored by Intel, plus two more days filled with presentations by a diverse range of companies. The next AI Field Day event is February 21st through 23rd. The event will be broadcast live on LinkedIn and on the Tech Field Day website, starting at 8:00 a.m. Pacific time, Wednesday through Friday, with more presentations throughout the day. Here’s a quick overview of what to look forward to.

AI Field Day Event Schedule

Wednesday starts at 8AM Pacific with VMware by Broadcom, with a deep dive into private AI. Join VMware and their partners to learn how to build a private AI platform for real-world applications. At 11AM, we have Solidigm discussing the demands that AI platforms place on storage systems. Their presentation also includes a session by Supermicro, a leader in modern infrastructure. Vast Data returns to Field Day at 2PM Pacific. their presentation focuses on data pipelines from on-prem to SaaS and hyperscale.

Thursday at AI Field Day is brought to you by Intel. Their sessions begin at 8AM Pacific with an overview of the Intel solution set for AI applications. The day also includes sessions from key partners, including VMware and Google Cloud. Throughout the day, we’ll also hear from a customer who’s implementing private AI-driven sensors in production. This incredible day wraps with a Roundtable discussion featuring the AI Field Day delegates.

Friday kicks off at 8AM Pacific with Hammerspace, who are unifying data across any location. Their unified data orchestration solution is increasingly popular as customers implement generative AI applications. We’ll finish AI Field Day with a deep dive into enterprise data with Qlik at 10AM Pacific. Their presentation is focused on the intersection between data analytics, unstructured data, and large language models, with real-world demonstrations of data-driven applications.

You can also catch the AI Field Day delegates on a full season of our Utilizing Tech podcast, which kicked off on February 12th and continues every Monday, as well as on special episodes of the On-Premise IT podcast every Tuesday all month. Look for behind-the-scenes shorts, Tech Talks, and extras recorded in Silicon Valley.

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All of our sessions are broadcast live on LinkedIn at the Tech Field Day page and the Tech Field Day website. These videos are also recorded and shared on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel. We welcome participation on X/Twitter, LinkedIn, and Mastodon using the hashtag AIFD4.

You can learn more about the event and our panel of independent technical influencers by visiting the Tech Field Day website. Each of our delegates has their own blog, podcast, or social media platform where they share their thoughts on enterprise technology, from servers to storage to networking and beyond. We’re proud to have Mark Beccue and Paul Nashawaty joining us from The Futurum Group, and we look forward to their analysis and reactions. Thank you for joining AI Field Day live February 21st through 23rd. While you’re on YouTube, please subscribe to our channel and follow our LinkedIn page for more great Field Day content.

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