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Is Wi-Fi 6E Safe? | Tomversations: Episode 32

Wi-Fi 6E is on the cusp of opening vast new areas of spectrum for use by enterprises and home users alike. The days of congested frequencies are almost at an end. However, the 6 GHz spectrum is far from empty. Incumbent licensed users are sending letters to the FCC. They worry that unlicensed Wi-Fi users are going to disrupt mission critical links. It’s time to ask the question: Is Wi-Fi 6E Safe?

In this episode we discuss the latest issues coming before the FCC. Incumbent providers are worried about the impact that it might have on emergency services and other critical infrastructure. But wasn’t that accounted for already? Doesn’t this feel like they’re late to the party and trying to scramble to catch up? I’ll discuss this and more as we lay out all the things that could be impacted and why I don’t think there’s as much here to worry about as the reports would indicate.

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