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Protecting Critical Targets | Tomversations: Episode 22

It’s not just you. The ransomware epidemic is getting out of hand. It seems like every company you can imagine is getting attacked and infected by criminal outfits looking to make a quick Bitcoin buck and then move on to the next sucker. They’re starting to get even more nefarious by choosing targets of specific importance.

What happens when ransomware gangs start attacking hospitals? Turns out they’ve already done that through the Conti variant. How about a power generating facility? Or a defense contractor? What if they cause a nuclear meltdown or crash the stock market? And what happens if that’s all a coordinated plan with some other geopolitical goal in mind?

In this episode of Tomversations we look at the importance of protecting these critical targets. More than personal data or encryption keys these valuable targets mean a lot more to the people that rely on them. If these targets get hacked, people could die. So what should you be considering when it’s time to keep them secure?

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