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A Look Back at Season 2 | Utilizing AI 3×01

Welcome back to another season of Utilizing AI! In this first episode of season 3, we are taking a look at some of the most memorable moments of season 2. We started season 2 by talking about AI as a co-pilot in the first few episodes and this theme continued throughout the season. AI making our jobs easier was a common discussion we had through the course of the season. Another common discussion we had throughout the season was how to make implementing AI easier through tools and platforms. We also discussed the duality of working in AI vs. working on AI. Having AI be more accessible and easier to use was yet another common theme we saw throughout season 2. Some of the most memorable guests that have stuck with our host and co-hosts include Saiph Savage, Sofia Trejo, Ayodele Odubela, and Anti Raman. Frederic Van Haren, who is one of our show’s co-hosts, was an early season 2 guest. Our most listened-to episode was the discussion we had with BrainChip.

Three Questions

This season, we are continuing with our three questions tradition but we’re throwing in a twist! We are offering the opportunity for our guests and our listeners to pose questions that we may use in a future episode. Each guest will be asked to record a question that may be used to ask a future guest. We also want to offer our listeners the opportunity to become a part of the podcast. If you would like your question asked, send us an email at [email protected] and let us know you would like to participate!


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