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Taking Artificial Intelligence on the Road with Christophe Couvreur of Cerence | Utilizing AI 2×31

Most people think AI in vehicles means autonomous driving, but there are a lot of other applications for the technology. Ever since Mercedes-Benz introduced Linguatronic voice response in the 1990s, vehicles have included verbal control and feedback mechanisms. In this episode, Christophe Couvreur discusses the lessons of bringing AI to vehicles based on his experience at Nuance spin-off, Cerence. As these systems have improved, they have reached the so-called uncanny valley, where people become frustrated by their limitations despite tremendous advancement over the last decade or so. Looking beyond voice response, we can see many driver assistance technologies added to vehicles in the future, and many of these will be ML-powered as well.

Three Questions:

  1. When will we see a full self-driving car that can drive anywhere, any time?
  2. How long will it take for a conversational AI to pass the Turing test and fool an average person?
  3. How small can ML get? Will we have ML-powered household appliances? Toys? Disposable devices?

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