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Building Resilient Infrastructure at the Edge with Craig Nunes of Nebulon | Utilizing Tech 05×11

Edge infrastructure is susceptible to many of the same security risks as datacenter and cloud, but is often run in less protected environments. This episode of Utilizing Edge features Craig Nunes, Co-Founder and COO of Nebulon, talking to Brian Chambers and Stephen Foskett about the provision of reliable infrastructure services at the edge. Ransomware is a significant concern, and ensuring servers boot up correctly and run the right software is crucial. Nebulon’s solution provides cyber-resilient application infrastructure, offering features like deduplication, compression, encryption, and detection and recovery capabilities to combat ransomware attacks. Their technology enables the creation and maintenance of known good server images for consistent and secure operation. Security at the edge requires multiple layers of protection, and Nebulon’s software-based solution, incorporating secure enclave technology and hardware root of trust, helps mitigate risks. The episode emphasizes the importance of prioritizing security and practicing recovery procedures while highlighting the potential of cloud and mobile technologies to enhance security at the edge.

Building Resilient Cyber-Protected Environments for Edge

This episode highlights the fact that edge infrastructure is vulnerable to similar security risks as data centers and the cloud, but it often operates in less protected environments. The dispersed and potentially insecure nature of edge locations requires a rethinking of security practices. Ransomware emerges as a significant concern in edge environments, and businesses must ensure that their servers are booting up correctly and running the appropriate software. Physical security at edge locations is not as guaranteed as in centralized data centers or the cloud, resulting in a larger attack surface for malicious actors.

Nebulon’s solution transforms industry-standard servers into efficient and cyber-resilient application infrastructure, providing data and cyber services, remote control, and infrastructure services. Their technology includes features such as deduplication, compression, encryption, and detection and recovery capabilities to combat ransomware attacks. One of the key offerings from Nebulon is the ability to create and maintain known good server images, ensuring consistent and secure operation of edge infrastructure. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of remote devices.

This discussion emphasizes that security in edge environments requires multiple layers of protection, encompassing software, image integrity, physical security, and network controls. Nebulon’s solution serves as a software-based replacement for storage controllers, offering built-in security features. Ransomware attacks are highlighted as a real and prevalent threat to businesses, with potentially severe consequences and lengthy recovery times. Nebulon’s secure enclave technology separates application and infrastructure domains, providing protection against ransomware attacks that can encrypt both data and operating systems.

To enhance security in edge environments, the episode suggests incorporating hardware root of trust and encryption at rest. It also emphasizes the importance of architects and IT teams prioritizing security at the edge and practicing recovery procedures. The convergence of cloud and mobile device technologies is seen as a promising development in bringing robust security solutions to the edge.

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