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VMware’s Journey into Edge Computing with Saadat Malik | Utilizing Tech 05×10

Perhaps no company is more important to the datacenter than VMware, but how are the company’s technologies applied at the edge? This episode of Utilizing Edge features Saadat Malik, VP and GM of Edge Computing at VMware, discussing the evolution of VMware at the edge with Brian Chambers and Stephen Foskett. The discussion delves into the evolution of VMware’s presence at the edge, highlighting the differences between datacenter and edge environments in terms of people and technology. Malik emphasizes the importance of outcomes and product-focused mindsets in edge environments, as well as the constraints posed by limited physical resources. VMware’s technologies in connectivity, storage, security, and management are showcased as key enablers of successful edge computing. The episode also touches upon the growing significance of AI and machine learning at the edge and the need for standardized solutions to drive edge growth and transformation.

Key Points:

In this episode of Utilizing Edge, Stephen Foskett, organizer of Tech Field Day and publisher of Gestalt IT, teams up with Brian Chambers, chief architect at Chick-fil-A, to delve into the place for VMware in edge computing, given its historic impact on IT infrastructure. Welcoming Sadat Malik, the Vice President and General Manager of Edge Computing at VMware, the conversation explores the evolving landscape where VMware, a major player in the data center, has also become a relevant force in edge computing.

The discussion begins by shedding light on the distinctive characteristics of edge computing, which involve different buying centers and mindsets when compared to traditional data centers. Constraints related to hardware size, connectivity, and physical security are common in edge environments. VMware’s primary goal is to deliver friction-free experiences and enable desired outcomes in these edge settings.

The hosts and guest emphasize the importance of applications at the edge and how they differ from those in traditional data center environments. The podcast delves into the various deployment methods available at the edge, including virtual machines, containers, and Kubernetes. VMware places a strong focus on edge native applications, taking into account constraints such as compute capabilities, connectivity, and the savviness of end-users.

Furthermore, the episode explores the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) at the edge, underscoring the necessity of processing and analytics closer to the source of data. VMware aims to provide a robust platform for edge computing that can be customized to address the unique needs and challenges of different edge environments. The hosts and guest discuss industry trends, such as the proliferation of sensors and the exponential growth of data generated at the edge.

VMware’s commitment to supporting successful edge computing is exemplified through their provision of advanced technologies, including GPU sharing, network connection sharing, and advanced storage sharing for edge environments. The key components for accomplishing effective edge computing are identified as connectivity, storage, security, and manageability, all of which VMware prioritizes in assisting customers to address.

Recognizing the transformative potential of edge computing in operations environments, VMware aims to fundamentally change how things are produced on the manufacturing plant floor. They highlight the ongoing shift from a hardware-focused environment to a software-focused one, enabling greater flexibility in altering the types of products manufactured on production lines. VMware’s aspiration is to provide standardized solutions for edge environments that ensure scalability, security, and operational efficiency. By positioning themselves as trusted partners, VMware seeks to empower their clients to achieve success at the edge.

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