All About Wireless LAN: The Answers to Your Questions

Keith R Parsons answered some WiFi questions over at Wireless LAN Professionals:

1. When you connect to an Access Point does your Wireless NIC get an IP address just like when you connect your normal NIC to a switch or router? or is it required for a Wireless NIC to have details like IP address, subnet maske, default gateway, etc. in order to connect to a network?

2. On Ad Hoc mode, do you get IP addresses on each Wireless NIC on each computer?

3. On the Cisco Press Book it says that [Ad Hoc or IBSS] means or does ‘Allows two computers to connect directly. No AP is needed’ so does Ad Hoc connect only two computers?

4. To implement a wireless LAN that doesn’t connect you to the internet but uses an Access Point, do you need to be connected to a Router or Switch?

Read Keith’s answers at: All About Wireless LAN: The Answers to Your Questions

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