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Considering the Many Faces of Edge Following VMware Explore 2023 with Roy Chua and Brian Knudtson | Utilizing Tech 05×17

VMware Explore 2023 featured a broad set of products and technologies, all of which could be included under the banner of edge. This episode of Utilizing Edge considers this dynamic and varied world with Roy Chua and Brian Knudtson, along with host Stephen Foskett. Virtualization, networking, storage, and orchestration are all key edge technologies, and VMware and its partners are deeply involved in bringing these technologies to the edge. VMware announced Edge Cloud Orchestrator, new security capabilities, integrated networking, client integration, and the exciting potential of private 5G networks. Dive into this episode to unravel the complexities and promising future of edge computing.

Considering the Many Faces of Edge

The discussion begins with the realization that edge computing is not a singular concept but rather a mosaic of technologies. As the definition of “edge” expands, thin clients, private 5G companies, VMware’s SD-WAN, and Horizon products, among others, find their place within its purview. Edge computing no longer exclusively refers to cloud-related technologies; it encompasses diverse physical and localized operations like data centers and retail stores.

The conversation navigates through the challenges of defining edge computing. Attributes like connectivity, location, and device variety all contribute, but the multifaceted nature of the field defies a concise definition. The episode highlights how the industry is in the midst of a dialogue to demarcate the boundaries of edge computing effectively.

A significant portion of the podcast is dedicated to VMware’s recent Explore event in Las Vegas. VMware’s offerings span from Edge Cloud Orchestrator, a new name for an existing product, to connectivity through private 5G networks, on-premises computing and storage, and wide area connectivity to remote points. The integration of security features underlines the growing emphasis on safeguarding edge locations.

The discussion extends to the realm of multi-cloud operations. As organizations seek seamless integration across edge, data center, and cloud environments, the concept of multi-cloud edge gains prominence. This approach aligns with the idea that different components of an application should run where they can perform optimally. One product mentioned is Nephio Edge Orchestrator from Aarna Networks.

A particularly exciting development discussed is the rise of private mobile networks, including private LTE and 5G networks. VMware is partnering with Federated Wireless for this offering, and the panel also discusses offerings from Betacom and Celona. These networks cater to areas with challenging connectivity, providing reliable, long-range, and low-power solutions for industrial applications and beyond. The potential of private 5G networks has generated optimism, especially with the backing of industry giants like VMware.

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