HowTo: Platform9 + Ravello + VMware

Justin Warren of eigenmagic comments:

RavelloSystems provides a cloud-based platform for spinning up a test-lab quickly and easily, and it supports VMware’s vSphere/ESXi hypervisor through nested hypervisors (running ESXi on a Google or AWS compute instance).

Platform9 is a cloud-based automation and control platform for spinning up and managing an OpenStack environment quickly and easily, and it supports VMware’s vSphere/ESXi hypervisor as of 18 August 2015. It also supports KVM and Docker.

Naturally, I wanted to see if I could test out Platform9 on VMware using Ravello to provide the infrastructure. I’d previously spun up a vSphere 6.0 lab to test out vROps (see my series on it here, which was sponsored by VMware) so why not see if I could use that to run Platform9?

Yep. You totally can. Here’s how!

Great how-to from Justin to get all of this up and running together!

Read more at: HowTo: Platform9 + Ravello + VMware

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