IBM Launches Flash DIMMs

Jim Handy of The SSD Guy comments:

On Thursday IBM announced its X6 product family, the sixth generation of the company’s successful EXA server architecture.   A smaller byline of the introduction was the company’s new eXFlash memory-channel storage or eXFlash DIMM which is offered as one of many flash options available to X6 users.

Close followers of The SSD Guy already know that I am a serious advocate of putting flash onto the memory bus.   Why slow the technology down by hiding it behind an interface that was optimized for slower rotating media?   SATA and SAS are very slow ways of delivering fast data.

Flash storage finally reaches the logical endpoint – DIMM-based interfaces. If the storage still isn’t being taxed because it can’t move data out to the application fast enough, you need to give it the highest bandwidth path to move the data. I’ll be interested to see where this leads.

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