Products, Not Promises: Winning SDN Market Share

Ethan Banks of The Peering Introvert comments:

Mike Bushong  on  the Plexxi blog  wrote the following excerpts (emphasis mine).

If generalized networking isn’t going to be successful, then what will be?  SDN deployments (especially those early on) will be focused on very narrow use cases…The more specific the use case, the easier it is for potential buyers to say “yes.”The challenge, of course, is that no one wants to narrow their target addressable market (TAM)…However, success in the business world is not measured by TAM. Zero percent of a massive TAM is still zero dollars. Startups need to get cash into the company early. Those early deployments are important because they force an iteration of the product and provide success stories and customer references from which to build.

What Mike is saying is important point in at least two ways beyond the points he makes in the piece.

Read on for Ethan’s thoughts on what makes SDN important in the grand scheme of things.

Read more at: Products, Not Promises: Winning SDN Market Share

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