The sad state of IPv6 and why you need to learn it.

Nick Buraglio from The Forwarding Plane comments:

I have been learning and using IPv6 for a quite a while, before I worked in research and education, back in the ISP days.   I thought I should learn it becuse, frankly, I figured we’d all be converted to it by now, already whole hog using it like it was the layer 3 addressing mechanism  that it is.   Flashback: My first IPv6 access was via a tunnel to HE a long, long time ago and before that I was reading what I could about it.   I’ve been evangelizing IPv6 for about that long, too.   I’ve taught IPv6 networking workshops on many occasions showing eager network engineers, security engineers, sysadmins, incident responders and even the occasional CIO how to understand, interpret and plumb v6.

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