Setup an IPv6 Tunnel through Hurricane Electric on a Cisco Router

Andrew von Nagy from Revolution Wi-Fi comments:

I’ve setup my home network with an IPv6 tunnel through Hurricane Electric. The process is pretty straight forward and I’ll share my learnings with you in this post.

How a Manual IPv6-in-IPv4 Tunnel Works
Using an IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel through Hurricane Electric is useful when your current ISP doesn’t offer native IPv6 service or tunneled 6rd service yet. In this case, you need to tunnel IPv6 traffic across an intermediate IPv4-only network (or the Internet). I setup my tunnel broker account through HE as an initial step in learning IPv6 prior to switching to the IPv6 service offered from my current ISP (CenturyLink). In a future post, I’ll describe setting up the CenturyLink 6rd tunneling service, which will be slightly different.

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