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Micron Exits 3D XPoint Business | Gestalt IT Rundown: March 17, 2021

Micron Technology announced that they are getting out of the business of 3D XPoint, a fire at OVHCloud last week caused several website outages and AMD launched Milan. We discuss these stories and more on this week’s Rundown.

Hubble Is Back After Software Glitch | 0:53

The venerable Hubble Space Telescope is also not immune from software glitches. On March 7th the space-based looking glass entered a “safe mode” unexpectedly due to some kind of software error. NASA was able to bring the telescope back online on March 11th. The software issue was related to an attempt to correct gyroscope issues that are preventing the instrument from being stable enough to lock onto targets. Ironically enough, the safe mode situation also uncovered an issue with a backup shield door that should have closed but didn’t.

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Twitter Hacker Pleads Guilty | 4:13

The hacker behind the high-profile breaches of accounts belonging to Elon Musk, President Obama, and other companies, pled guilty this week. Graham Clark, age 18, agreed to a deal that will see him sentenced to three years in juvenile detention along with an additional three years of probation. He is also barred from using a computer unless given permission by law enforcement. Clark had already turned over all of the Bitcoin he gained in the scam, which saw these verified accounts tweeting links to a wallet controlled by Clark.

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Docker Picks up $23 Million Series B | 6:42

Docker announced today that they have secured another $23 million in funding that will be focused on the development of a tool suite for container developers. CEO Scott Johnson says the investment will allow the former container giant to execute their developer-focused strategy for years to come. The company, which was sold to Mirantis in 2019, has seen challenges from Google and Kubernetes over the past few years.

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AMD Launches Milan | 10:41

The IT industry has been waiting for months to see the next-generation server CPU platforms from AMD and Intel, and that wait is half over. This week AMD announced Milan, the third-generation Epyc server CPU platform based on the Zen3 architecture. As expected, Milan offers a 15-20% IPC performance bump over the previous generation thanks to bigger L3 caches and optimizations. But it’s a direct swap-in replacement for previous Epyc processors

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Cloud on Fire in France as OVHCloud Goes Down | 17:58

Last week a fire at OVHCloud, a French cloud hosting provider, caused several website outages. The company is the largest competitor to AWS and Azure in Europe and had announced plans for an IPO just two days before the fire knocked out the SBG2 facility along with four rooms in SBG1. Among the websites knocked offline by the outage were the UK Vehicle Certification Agency, French government sites, and approximately 36% of the command and control servers for popular malware programs such as APT39 and Charming Kitten. Tom, you recently wrote about the outage and how it could impact companies thinking the cloud is always up.

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Micron Exits 3D XPoint Business | 23:48

Micron Technology announced this week that they are getting out of the business of 3D Xpoint. The memory technology, jointly developed with Intel, is a huge feature of the Intel Optane line of persistent memory storage. Micron announced they are phasing out production and selling the Utah fabrication facility that makes the product. Micron cited the small market for the offering being unable to justify the significant investment required to bring the chip to market. Intel has also seen losses with Optane but can more easily absorb those. The Utah facility will continue to produce chips to meet Intel’s requirements for the next several quarters until Intel can bring production online in their Dalian, China NAND facility unless Intel buys the Utah plant outright.

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