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Post-TFD Segment Routing Roundtable Thoughts

Carl Niger of Come Route With Me comments:

My brain has now had a bit of time to recover from the information overload that was the Tech Field Day Segment Routing Round Table, so it is most definitely time to write a bit about what I learned. You may want to get a listen in on the Software Gone Wild Podcast with Ivan Peplenjak for a solid foundation of what SR is before jumping into things. After that, head over to the TFD YouTube channel to check out the recordings from the event. We had some really great presentations from Walmart, Microsoft, and Comcast, each of these companies explained how Segment Routing is helping them in their particular environment. I would start with the presentation from Mark Pagan of Walmart as it goes over a lot the real world day 1 benefits of SR. Then take a listen to the Microsoft and Comcast presentations, they really kicked it up a lot in terms of complexity of their overall solutions, but also really highlighted a lot of what is possible with Segment Routing.

Carl has a great recap here and raises a few good questions about the future of segment routing.

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