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Running your app on Windows Server Core Containers

Simon Timms of Western Devs comments:

Most of the day I work on an app which makes use of NServiceBus. If you’ve ever talked to me about messaging, then you know that I’m all over messaging like a ferret in a sock.

So I’m, understandibly, a pretty big fan of NServiceBus – for the most part. The thing with architecting your solution to use SOA or Microservices or whatever we’re calling it these days is that you end up with a lot of small applications. Figuring out how to deploy these can be a bit of a pain as your system grows. One solution I like is to make use of the exciting upcoming world of containers. I’ve deployed a few ASP.NET Core applications to a container but NServiceBus doesn’t work on dotnet Core so I need to us a Windows container here.

The days of heavyweight servers ruling the data center are done. The sooner you can get your applications running on lightweight core type instances, the better off you’ll be.

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