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Commvault and Services

At Commvault GO 2018, Stephen Foskett got to find out how the company is approaching offering their own solutions as services, and how the company improving their offerings for service providers

In this video, Stephen spoke with Sabrinath Rao, General Manager for Commvault’s Worldwide Cloud Business. They discuss some of the new SaaS offerings Commvault announced at the show, enabling customers to use their feature rich backup and recovery as a cloud-native service. This is designed to allow customers to focus on the business outcome they want, and provide a on-demand consumption model to support this. This isn’t a change in pricing, it’s a total rethink of how Commvault is offering their tried and true solutions to customers.

Stephen also had a chance to speak with David Ngo, Senior Director of Managed Services and SaaS at Commvault. David looks at how the company is building off their Endpoint as a Service offering, with  support for Office365 and Salesforce protection available to distributors. He also details their fully managed as a service offering, which offers Commvault’s solutions for larger on-premises datasets, on a consumption business model.

This service based approach isn’t just about moving customers from OPEX to CAPEX. It’s about a more comprehensive rethink of what Commvault is as a company, and how they can continue to innovate how to provide their core data management solutions how their customers want to consume them. It’ll be interesting to see how Commvault rolls out further integrations in the coming year.

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