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Breaking Down Security Complexity with Juniper Networks’ ATP Cloud

Enterprises are under threat, and they are using every means available to fight it off. But a lot of the times organizations get so reeled into the technical operations of cybersecurity that they overlook the problems inside the network that are stealthily magnifying the risks. At the recent Security Field Day event, Juniper Networks presented Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) Cloud, an advanced security solution that cuts through the noise and complexity of traditional SecOps and offers broad-spectrum protection against malware.

Protecting the Network from External Threats Starts with Managing Inside Complexities

Discussions on cybersecurity typically veer towards the emerging strains of threats, expanding attack surface, multiplying attack vectors and the solutions that best address them. Seldom do the talks include network complexity which is becoming an increasingly bigger root cause of cyber security breaches. Managing risks have become so oddly complex because companies are unable to balance out the complexities in their network, and this is raising their cyber risk profile.

There are two reasons for this- first connecting the dots between security breaches and network complexity isn’t well aligned with the general view of cybersecurity which is the perils are on the other side of the perimeter. Secondly, upon discovering the connection, companies respond by adding new solutions to the pool in an attempt to fortify their data and systems without realizing that much of the risks can in fact be averted only by simplifying the security the ecosystem and operations. The journey of better risk management starts at reducing complexity.

Juniper Networks Has the Perfect Solution to Address SecOps Complexities

To block down outside threats effectively, there needs to be eyes throughout the network and solutions that analyze the network traffic and behavior like clockwork. The Juniper Networks’ Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud is based on the same two goals, and a third – straightening out some of the SecOps technical complexities. It cranks out real and actionable threat intelligence that is fully filtered and ready-for-use. Ready intelligence served up to the fingertips makes the fight against threats proactive from reactive.

Released in 2020, the Juniper ATP Cloud is a cloud-based service that protects in two ways, by detecting and preventing. Built with machine learning, it scans the network for signs of malicious behavior enforcing protection at every connection point. After 2 years in the market, Juniper Networks has tweaked the tech based on the customer feedback to match the evolving threats and emerging needs. Among the enhancements made are a fully updated GUI and user-based feeds both of which are available with the original product at no extra cost.

Juniper Networks Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud for Protection against Malware

At the recent Security Field Day event in California, Juniper Networks showcased a selection of security solutions from its portfolio. In one of the presentations, Krystle Portocarrero, Product Manager at Juniper Networks presented Juniper ATP Cloud. Laying out the current security challenges that grip the industry, Portocarrero talked about the benefits of adaptive threat profiling. Making it visual for the audience with a demo, she showed how Juniper ATP Cloud profiles threat behaviors and delivers advanced threat protection.

The Juniper Networks Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud is a platform that constitutes both cloud-based security service and on-premise appliances. The system includes Juniper Network’s SRX Series firewalls. Leveraging the firewalls as sensors, the solution delivers deep network visibility and enables cloud management of risks and configurations.

The Juniper ATP Cloud is a malware analysis service that performs static and dynamic analysis of Web files and emails inspecting for malicious content. As soon as it detects a threat, it sends out a policy update back to the firewall to repair its vulnerability to the concerned element. ATP Cloud can also do adaptive policy updates on third-party firewalls.

Juniper ATP Cloud’s true strengths are its threat intelligence and adaptive threat profiling. ATP Cloud provides SecIntel that is clean and curated and delivered in the form of feeds. Inside the platform, the intelligence is streamed into the firewall for detection and blocking of known threats. Customers can also choose to circulate their own intelligence.

Adaptive Threat Profiling is the other aspect of ATP Cloud that deserves highlighting. Designed with flexibility in mind, it helps users to automatically generate custom feeds depending on the actors attempting or executing the attack. This custom intelligence can then be used to investigate threats and block them at the enforcement points in real time.

Final Verdict

In the battle against threats, enterprises need by their side a security solution that has two things covered at the very basic, if not more – advanced threat detection and analysis and adaptive real-time protection and prevention. The Juniper Networks ATP Cloud comes with a third advantage- by bringing curated real-time intelligence from all over the network to the fingers tips of operators, it greatly accelerates decision making. Safe to say that by turning down the noise and complexity in security processes, Juniper ATP Cloud tunes up efficiencies of both SecOps and NetOps.

To know more about Juniper ATP Cloud and other Juniper Networks products, give the above video a watch or check out more presentations by Juniper Networks from the recent Security Field Day event.

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