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Fuss-Free Data Management in Kubernetes with Kasten K10 V4.5

Multi-cluster management in Kubernetes is a wild mix of tasks that are neither quick nor easy to do. Kasten by Veeam has a solution which it presented at the recent Cloud Field Day event in February which seems to make data management in Kubernetes a lot simpler than it has been before.

Day 2 Production Challenges in Kubernetes

Kubernetes inherently provides great support for application services. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for customer data. Given the wide base of customers that use Kubernetes for container orchestration, data protection is critical.

While workloads need to be stored and moved safely, something also needs to be done about the Day 2 challenges companies face in production. Transforming applications to lift and shift them across K8s infrastructures is both costly and time-taking. An infrastructure-neutral platform needs to exist in between to enable smooth mobility and automation where possible.

Kasten Makes Operational Complexity in K8s Go Away

Kasten by Veeam, a frequent Field Day presenter, addresses this problem with a software-only solution that simplifies data management and secures workloads on Kubernetes. With the goal to solve Day 2 data management challenges on Kubernetes, Kasten by Veeam designed its solution to enable enterprises to run their applications effortlessly on K8s.

Kasten is Veeam’s business unit for Kubernetes. As a company catering especially to the community of Kubernetes users, Kasten prioritizes data protection and application support. Given how limited Kubernetes’ ecosystem is, this technology changes that by extending support to a wide array of data services, cloud storage and distribution.

Expanding on the Capabilities of Kasten K10 V4.5

At the Cloud Field Day event in February, Michael Cade, Senior Global Technologist, Kasten by Veeam presented the new Kasten K10 v4.5. During the presentation, he detailed the new features in the 2022 update while giving an overview of everything Kasten K10 has.

Kasten K10 comes with a set of unique capabilities which explains why it’s a widely used solution for native data management in Kubernetes. Built purposely for Kubernetes, it deploys directly in the cluster and delivers a single-pane-of-glass interface for data management. Used for backup and recovery, disaster recovery and application mobility, Kasten K10 secures workloads and applications in the clusters and on the edge.

Kasten K10 just got an update. In the v4.5, Kasten by Veeam includes the last few features that were missing in the earlier version of the platform. With the new upgrade, Kasten K10 got end-to-end observability, external monitoring, better out-of-box experience, support for Kubernetes edge and Veeam Backup & Replication integration. On it, users can now integrate a wide variety of tools for monitoring and alerting.

The new version supports Native RDS and K8ssandra with automated discovery and integration with Kasten K10 by Veeam v4.5. K10 is storage and cloud agnostic; no matter what the storage infrastructure or Kubernetes distribution, or even what the applications or workloads are, it works equally in all cases. Already heavy on ransomware protection and encryption, the platform now has a more edge-focused security.

With automatic discovery and a quick and easy installation, the platform seems designed primarily with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

Final Verdict

The new Kasten K10 v4.5 is a great compute infrastructure simply on the merit of ease of use and support for a wide range of applications and infrastructures. Data security is another of its big features, now doubled with enhanced observability and alerting. Try out Kasten K10 by Veeam for free to know what it’s like in use.

To learn more about K10 v4.5 and its features in details, check out Kasten by Veeam’s other presentations from February’s Cloud Field Day event.

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