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Managing Cloud Costs with Yotascale Multi-Cloud Cost Visibility

Being on multi-cloud comes at a cost and most companies these days are happy to pay as long as they are getting the most use out of it. But that doesn’t always happen. Cloud budget drains are a real problem that leads to substantial loss every year. Yotascale brings to offer a tool which they showcased at the recent Cloud Field Day that presents a unified view of a company’s sundry cloud costs so they can have better control over their cloud spending.

Affording Multi-Cloud in Today’s Climate

Costly though, most companies nowadays are adopting the multi-cloud strategy for good reason. For one, using more than one cloud provider means greater flexibility. The DevOps team gets access to a diversity of cloud infrastructures which is invaluable to their operations. All this is good, save for one thing- the compounding cost of it. Once you are down that road, things are bound to get out of hand at some point unless expenses are tracked and managed from the start.

Cost management for multi-cloud is a complex financial activity, made even more painstaking by the numerous native billing tools of the service providers. It falls on the financial team to handle them all on top all the other financial duties of a business. This entails going through each one of these platforms to track money that is getting spent on cloud services to generally improve efficiency of the usage. In short it’s a complex and elaborate drill without the right tools.

Taking Control of Your Cloud Spending

 Nearly all cloud service providers now charge their clients by the second which means that more charges are likely to show up in a billing apps at the end of the month than one cares to count. This is where a multi-cloud cost management solution fits in. It takes what seems like a preposterous amount of data to ingest and processes and transforms them into small and easily readable data sets prioritizing them by their importance.

Leveraging AI, cloud cost management solutions aim to offer two key things, visibility over resource usage and control over expenses made to meet the computing needs. Although most cloud service providers today have a pay-as-you-go model, it’s not enough to reduce the cost to a minimum. You need an extra tool or two to minimize your cloud costs.

A Cloud Cost Calculator That Reports, Analyzes and Predicts

At the Cloud Field Day Event of November Yotascale presented their cloud cost management tool, the Yotascale Multi-Cloud Cost Visibility. At the presentation Jeff Harris, Director of Customer Success at Yotascale gave a demo of the product in which he took us through the different features and functions of the tool explaining why it’s an essential for businesses on multi-cloud.

Yotascale Multi-Cloud Cost Visibility is a cloud cost management tool that offers a view of the different cloud charges made by a company’s cloud providers through a single lens. That one view is essentially a dashboard of all the current cloud costs.

Breaking this cost down accurately, the tool alerts users about lowered demand enabling them reduce waste where possible and scale usage when required to optimal rates. It presents all of the billing data on one platform by pulling them up from different sources and itemizing them in a format that makes most sense to the concerned business unit. Yotascale Multi-Cloud Cost Visibility organizes the costs up in multiple layers or hierarchies linking them to the concerned teams and business units making access and navigation easy.

In the bottom half of the dashboard the data analytics show up. It outlines redundancies and wastes thereby presenting opportunities for cost cutting. The analytics comprises reports and forecasts that help answer key questions about clous investment plans.

Yotascale’s Multi-Cloud Cost Visibility tool uses AI to help monitor and manage the micro expenses on cloud applications rather than that of the cloud infrastructure itself.

Yotascale’s core goal with its Multi-Cloud Cost Visibility is to free organizations from the pain of using multiple billing tools of individual cloud service providers in favor of one through which the costs can be effectively monitored, managed and minimized. So while having full visibility of the costs, users can track them with down to the units and usage and identify areas where resource demand and usage can be balanced.

Final Verdict

If you are on multi-cloud and you are seeing your cloud cost going up incrementally, it’s a good idea to pause for a moment and reassess the expenses. A tool like the Yotascale Multi-Cloud Cost Visibility could be pretty handy to quickly find all the information, track the expenses as they relate to usage and identify areas where savings can be made by cutting down resource usage. In that regard, the Yotascale Multi-Cloud Cost Visibility is a pretty efficient tool that saves organizations significant time, money and trouble.

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