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Nexenta — Back in da house…

Nigel Poulton comments on his blog:

So aaaages ago I downloaded and played with the community edition of NexentaStor — one of the real early software defined storage (SDS) technologies. And I remember being pretty excited…. I mean, at the time, SDS was still in its primordial state, and here was a free-to-download working product! What was there not to get excited about!

Anyway… I played around with it in the lab and eventually lost interest. There just didn’t seem to be enough happening with the company or the product. There’s a lot more to the software defined storage puzzle than a single product. And to be honest, I expected Nexenta to have disappeared by now.

Well……. they haven’t disappeared. I actually met with them last week when I attended Storage Field Day in San Jose. And I’ve gotta say that they’ve been rockin’ it on the innovation front…. Some of which I like, and some of which….. well…… I’m not so sure about…..

Nigel does a great job of covering the products that Nexenta showed off at Storage Field Day 6. There’s some real promise here.

Read more at: Nexenta — Back in da house…

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