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NFD9 Homework: CloudGenix

Jordan Martin comments on his blog:


CloudGenix is one of the sponsor companies presenting at Network Field Day 9. They are the very definition of a startup being less than 2 years old and coming out of stealth mode in April of 2014. The founders of the company are all former colleagues from Cisco.

The Product: Well, that’s an interesting question as there isn’t much information out there about it. Their website claims that they are developing a SDN solution for the WAN that is currently in private beta. I couldn’t find anything online that showed any technical description beyond the typical flowery wording about mapping business process/priority to network traffic flows.

First-time delegate Jordan is doing some homework on the Networking Field Day 9 presenters. Read on to see his thoughts on CloudGenix. And don’t forget to watch Networking Field Day 9 as well to see what they have to say!

Read more at: NFD9 Homework: CloudGenix

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