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SDN Is The Mother(******) of Invention

Lame Journal comments:

An interesting question from my daughter (who is NOT pictured above!), I thought, and it mirrors comments I’ve heard before that highlight what I believe is a misunderstanding about what the “invention” in question actually is. My daughter’s question seems to imply that what was invented was the  circle  (or at least, round things). In actual fact the a wheel is not just a round thing, it’s a round thing  with an axle; without the axle, it’s useless. The invention was to take a round rolling thing, cut a hole in the middle and put a stick through it so that you can have a rolling thing attached to a static thing.  That  is a wheel, I explained to her. It was reassuring to check later and confirm that the dictionary agrees with me:

John hits the nail on the head here. SDN is about more than pieces that do nothing. You must start putting those pieces together to make something useful.

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