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Thanks For Spending 2017 with Gestalt IT!

2017 was a big year for Gestalt IT. We had a concerted effort at the end of 2016 to ramp up our enterprise IT coverage. This centered around launching new series and media channels, talking to more companies, and finding unique stories to share with our readers.

Launched in 2017

We had no shortage of new series launching on a few platforms this year.

The On-Premise IT Roundtable

We debuted a new podcast in May, the On-Premise IT Roundtable! We intentionally addressed a frustrating misnomer within the industry, and wanted to turn it on its head. Instead of being an incorrect use of a similar word, we wanted to give it meaning. So our podcasts discuss a single topic with our roundtable panel. We actually stay “on-premise” for the episodes. Since launching into podcast feeds, we’ve released over twenty episodes this year. We hope to build on its success in 2018.

Most popular episode: Cloud is more than a data center

IT Origins

We started IT Origins because it seemed like whenever you talk to an IT pro, they have an interesting back story on how they got into the field. So we put together a weekly interview series to dig into their backstory. Sadly no one has yet cited a radioactive spider as the culprit, but we’ll get there someday. They’ve become a weekly mix of great stories, advise, and recommendations. New interviews drop every Thursday.

Most popular interview: Russ White – IT Origins.

Gestalt IT Rundown

Reviewing companies and products are the bread and butter of Gestalt IT. But every week, there’s a bevy of relevant news items that drop in our laps as well. To provide some commentary on that, Tom Hollingsworth and Rich Stroffolino decided to start the Gestalt IT Rundown. This is a live look at the IT news of the week, hosted every Wednesday at 12:30pm ET on our YouTube channel.

Unboxing Videos

What’s the point of having a YouTube channel if you’re not going to unbox some stuff! We get a lot of tech related equipment coming through the Gestalt IT offices. Some is video equipment for projects, others are items for review, and we’re always buying the latest tech hotness just for fun. So we decided to share the thrill and anticipating of the unboxing experience with you dear reader.

Most viewed unboxing: OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock

Overall, we published over 350 posts in 2017. Our most popular was a little item looking into IPv6 traffic patterns, titled IPV6 Has a Case of the Mondays.

Thanks to all our readers for checking out Gestalt IT in 2017. We’ve got a full slate of plans for more exciting coverage in the New Year. Anything you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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