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Finding the Source of Technical Debt with vFunction

Frequently, modern businesses find their technical debt casting a long shadow over their ambitions. Not even businesses with a legacy of successful operation are able to escape this predicament. vFunction Inc., the provider of the app modernization platform, vFunction Modernization Hub has come up with a way to tackle technical debt with the help of AI. Recently, we had the opportunity of sitting down with Moti Rafalin, CEO and Founder at vFunction to discuss businesses’ technical debt accrual and how vFunction acts as a true enabler in that situation, no matter what stage of digital transformation a business is in.

Technical Debt Snowballs Faster When Overlooked or Underestimated

Any organization that has IT older than a couple decades will have a ton of its applications in legacy technology. In the spur of rapid modernization, these businesses are now caught in a vacuum where they have an insane amount of data but little insights to proceed with the process of modernization.

Beyond that lies another roadblock, the gap between assessment and modernization. The transition from monolithic to microservices is not easy to say the least. And the longer a business continues to use legacy software, the bigger a technical debt they accrue in the way of exhausting resources on these applications that consume an absurd amount of IT resources but are ultimately ineffective and inefficient. Without proper assessment, locating technical debt itself can be very hard, let alone resolving it.

vFunction Helping Organizations Pay Down Their Technical Debt

Known in the industry for its application modernization platform, vFunction last week announced the availability of the vFunction Assessment Hub, an AI solution that integrates with their original modernization platform. A technical debt assessment tool, the Assessment Hub measures the risks and impacts of change with respect to an application and investigates the causes of technical debt.

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vFunction adds this free of cost to its Modernization Hub platform, thus making assessment and modernization a quick two-step process. Users can review the technical debt level of applications before heading over to the Modernization Hub for immediate action.

The new vFunction Assessment Hub is powered with machine learning which allows it to do swift analysis and produce reports on the go. Purpose-built for decision makers, it delivers base reports with condensed, actionable intelligence instead of overwhelming users with too much information.

Combining vFunction Modernization Hub with vFunction Assessment Hub

The vFunction Assessment Hub targets three core metrics for analysis- namely, technical debt, risk and complexity. By analyzing the risks of change and understanding the complexity based on interdependencies and code modularity, it creates an assessment report of the overall technical debt level of a concerned app. For users’ perspective, the report summary also includes comparative analysis of application debts.

The vFunction Assessment Hub is a cloud-based AI solution whose functions are limited to identifying the technical debt class of an application at the pre-refactor stage. The refactoring, re-architecting and rewriting of the applications take place in the bigger vFunction Modernization Platform. Once the platform identifies how the application can be decomposed and refactored from monolithic JAVA to microservices architecture, it performs service extraction breaking it down to mini/microservices automatically, a process that takes days to performs manually.

The vFunction agent installs locally which means the data never leaves the network. The Assessment Hub allows access to multiple applications at once that, based on evaluation, users can prioritize for modernization.

In Conclusion

The new vFunction Assessment Hub takes the manual effort out of deep dynamic analysis by automating it with machine learning just as the Modernization Hub replaces manual service extraction with quick automated refactoring. Integration of the platforms make assessment and refactoring essentially a smooth two-click process. Between the Assessment Hub and the Modernization Hub, it’s a pretty seamless transition which goes a long way in closing the gap that has existed between in-depth analysis of technical debt and time-to-action. Together, they can help organizations realize the true cost-saving benefits of microservices. Special thanks to Moti Rafalin for meeting with us and Gerry Fallon for setting up the briefing.

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