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Solving the Multi-cloud Puzzle with Prosimo

Where are you on your journey to multicloud? Are you looking to move to a strategy that involves having assets in multiple providers? Are you along the way with a deployment model in place? Or are you relaxing and enjoying the fruits of your labor?

The odds are good that you’re somewhere in the first two categories. The typical enterprise isn’t quite yet at full multi-cloud utilization yet. Over the next twelve months, 91% of enterprises will support some form of multi-cloud deployment. Spending is set to increase by up to 21% for cloud services. Why are companies moving into the cloud so heavily?

The ultimate goal is to help ensure the customer experience is improved. Happy customers mean more revenue. Happy customers tell other people to use your services or download your application. The more reliable you are, the more customers will use your software. The better the performance for your users the better the reviews for your offerings. That means ensuring your apps are modernized and cloud-native as well as being able to take advantage of the performance and reliability gained through multi-cloud.

It’s not easy. Networking challenges abound, as any traditional networking team will tell you. Security policies are a challenge on the best of days. Balancing performance with the requirements of keeping data secure and visible make the challenges even more difficult to manage. It’s a game of juggling the needs of making data fast, secure, and available. How can you solve this puzzle?

Picking Prosimo for Your Puzzle Solving

The numbers I mentioned above were shared with me as part of a report put together by Prosimo. They’re a company that is looking to solve the multi-cloud challenge with a modern approach to the balance you need. Multiple cloud providers mean multiple networking and security infrastructures to manage. Just because you have a handle on how Amazon does things doesn’t mean that knowledge translates directly to Microsoft or Google.

Prosimo solves this challenge through their AXI platform. AXI provides the transit that you need for your application to be multi-cloud enabled. Prosimo has destinations in all major cloud providers. This means wherever your assets are currently located in the biggest three providers Prosimo has a local solution waiting for you. Whether you’ve already made your choices about your next cloud or you’re investigating, Prosimo AXI has you covered.

It’s not just providing transit though. It’s about taking the guesswork out of the process as well. At the recent Cloud Field Day, Prosimo showed off just how AXI works from an automation perspective:

I can’t underscore the importance of this automated piece enough. Solving these challenges in a regular enterprise is hard enough that engineers have spent thousands of hours trying to understand how to program it all. When you abstract this to the cloud it becomes an order of magnitude harder, and that magnitude only increases for every additional cloud you involve. You simply can’t have people making the decisions in this loop any longer if you want to continue to have stability and performance.

Prosimo AXI automates the transit portion of application performance by adapting to issues in the infrastructure. If you need to make changes to your setup it will recommend them. From tweaks in configurations all the way to expansion of resources, Prosimo AXI can see where the faults are and recommend the best course of action to fix them all. Best of all, this automation extends to recognizing the unique needs of the applications you’re deploying. If you’re moving to a cloud office suite or CRM application, Prosimo AXI recognizes that and adjusts the recommendations based on the package you’re using. No more cookie cutter recommendations that end up causing more issues than they solve.

Bringing It All Together

If you’re in the middle of your journey to multi-cloud and finding more questions than answers when it comes to solving the challenges you’re encountering, it’s good to step back and get a big picture look at the puzzle you’re trying to solve. You know what the goal is supposed to look like. You know what your customers need and what they expect. Using a platform like Prosimo AXI to help you get there is just smart problem solving. The data from their excellent State of the Multi-cloud Infrastructure report can go a long way to helping your teams and your stakeholders understand where others are on the journey and what issues they are encountering. Download a copy and make sure to show them the videos from Cloud Field Day as well. You’ll quickly look like the best puzzle solver your company has ever seen.

For more information about Prosimo and their AXI platform, make sure you check out their website at You can also download a copy of their State of the Multi-cloud Infrastructure report here.

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