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Tomversations: Episode 9 – Post-Quantum Cryptography

In this episode, we look at the looming future for RSA-based encryption and how the growing power of quantum computers stands to invalidate all of the work that has been put into the development of those algorithms. Also discussed is the research into post-quantum encryption algorithms and how they can forestall the end of encryption as we know it.

The world of creating post-quantum cyrptographic algorithms is as hot or hotter right now than the race to build the biggest, baddest quantum computer. Why? Because the people that want to keep their things super secret, really don’t want to be caught out in the rain when the time comes to watch Google’s newest toy disassemble their hard work. So if you like math and multiplying super large numbers, now might be the time to look into working on some of the NIST candidates.

Show Notes

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