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Enabling IaC at Scale with env0

It should come as no surprise that cloud infrastructure and operations are the status quo for today’s enterprises. With remote work a must for many employees, the flexibility the cloud provides is rivaled only by the potential complexities it adds to IT administration. Breakthroughs like Infrastructure as Code have helped improve cloud sysadmins’ abilities to more effectively manage their cloud instances, but often is limited by its scope of reach. That is, until now.

Meet evn0

Env0 is paving the way to simplifying Infrastructure as Code at scale. Operating out of Israel and the US, the company is helmed and co-founded by Omry Hay, who recently sat down with Gestalt IT’s Stephen Foskett to discuss the env0 platform.

As Hay describes it, env0 provides IT admins a single tool to manage all of their IaC deployments across tools like Terraform, Pulumi, Kubernetes, and others. He likens it to what GitHub did for Git but for infrastructure, allowing teams to manage their code deployments coincidentally across all of their frameworks—and clouds—at play.

In practice, env0 is used for managing RBAC, auditing, self service, etc. in cloud infrastructure effectively through a single platform. Optimized for infrastructure deployments (although not app development), env0 customers use the tool to manage security policies at scale across their clouds as well.

Digging Deeper

Amidst the discussion, Hay broke into a demo to showcase env0 in action. Env0 works across clouds, with customers using it to simultaneously manage AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Oracle, and even vCenter or Dreamware instances. Built around Terraform, env0 is cloud agnostic, making it ideal for large and small enterprises alike.

For ease of use, env0 contains a number of pre-built templates which can be used to point directly to repos like AWS S3 buckets to easily manage code deployments at an organizational level. Users of env0 can create their own templates as well by simply defining their frameworks, their clouds, and then assigning the proper repos and variables.

Beyond these templates, env0 users may also specify which environments their changes will be made to, whether it be dev, live production, or elsewhere. Going further, admins in the platform can even define roles within env0 itself, ensuring that certain employees must undergo an approval flow before pushing code changes live as necessary. Other features include Slack notifications for new code pushes, project-specific policies like number of users or TTL, and more.

Using env0 for Enterprise-Scale IaC

In addition to the normal use features, env0 also provides infrastructure environment usage information, such as run cost, number of resources in use, deployment logs, and other key insights into operations. Since they are SaaS-based (or potentially hybrid using downloaded agents), all of these capabilities come out of the box, as it were. Env0 even handles the deployment provided you enter the correct repo and your preferred framework.

When it comes to managing massive cloud deployments, env0 simplifies the process tremendously. In a day and age where Infrastructure as Code can be an admin’s best friend, env0 makes it even easier to manage those IaC deployments at scale.

To learn more about env0’s offering, visit their website. Want to learn more about other companies and products changing the face of enterprise IT? Read more at

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