Where to Begin with Multi-Cloud Data Protection?

In partnership with Commvault, Gestalt IT was recently involved in a webinar focused on Managing Multi-Cloud Data Protection. In the webinar, Ned Bellavance and Commvault’s Matt Tyrer shared their insights into what companies should consider when creating a multi-cloud data protection strategy. Ned and Matt shared their thoughts around:

  • Common misconceptions about cloud data protection
  • Why cloud-native data protection is essential for a successful multi-cloud strategy
  • The real-world implications of cloud data protection
  • Requirements of a modern, consolidated data management solution
  • The business, operational and risk management advantages of cloud-native data protection

While there are numerous considerations to keep in mind, Ned made a wish list of what his perfect solution would include. Among his top priorities are items such as a consistent management platform, cloud native deployment, and efficient data movement.

See Ned’s complete wish list by reading his blog post, “A Wish List for Multi-Cloud Data Protection.” 

Wish List

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