Build Your Own Scalable All-Flash Array With SVC

Chris M Evans view on the scalable All-Flash Array and SVC:

I’m a big fan of storage virtualisation and SVC has many great features.  However scale-out is not one of them.  The system may be capable of scaling capacity, but the poor number of logical volumes and extents it supports is severely limiting to many deployments.  I am surprised that this limit has been in place for many version releases of the software; it really needs an upgrade.  Pairing FlashSystem with SVC is a great idea, but the restrictions around configuration (and of course the additional cost) make the solution impractical compared to more mature all-flash solutions already on the market.  While SVC & FlashSystem may work as a technical solution, the practicalities and cost make no sense at all.

What’s your view on this? Do you think that the upgrade Chris suggested is the way to go for IBM, or are the more mature all-flash solutions way ahead?

Here’s the link to the full post: Build Your Own Scalable All-Flash Array With SVC

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