Long-Distance vMotion, Stretched HA Clusters and Business Needs

Ivan Pepelnjak  explains why getting the business needs right is so important:

Based on a true story …

A while ago I was sitting in a roomful of extremely intelligent engineers working for a large data center company. Unfortunately they had been listening to a wrong group of virtualization consultants and ended up with the picture-perfect disaster-in-waiting: two data centers bridged together to support a  stretched VMware HA cluster.


Q:“Let’s summarize — you need a disaster recovery process that has to complete in four hours and is triggered manually. Why don’t you reconfigure the data center switches at the same time to move the IP subnets from the failed data center to the backup data center during the disaster recovery process? After all, you have switches from vendor (C|J|A|D|…) that could be reconfigured from a DR script using NETCONF.”

A:(from the network admin) “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.”

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