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Virtual Events Are One Big Mess, and Vendors Aren’t the Only Ones to Blame

Physical events aren’t currently possible in the midst of a global pandemic with a need to socially distance. However, this has caused a spike in virtual events, but these are simply just not the same as being in-person. I’m sure many wouldn’t expect to miss the long lines to use the restroom or packing into uncomfortable seats, but being home and attending virtual events presents unique challenges.

We’re simply too distracted at home and tempted to multi-task. Some may be more disciplined, but I know it’s hard to not get distracted or to be tempted to multi-task with now performing most responsibilities from home. And giving undivided attention when your cat starts meowing at you for food during a keynote isn’t exactly easy. This, along with the fact that we can now attend many more events with physical constraints no longer existing, we are beginning to overcommit ourselves and exhaust our attentiveness.

Clearly, the problems with virtual events aren’t just the fault of vendors, but there are some tips that Max Mortillaro with TECHunplugged provides to help. These include a preference for live content, splitting content into shorter segments, and engaging the audience appropriately through smaller Q&A group sessions and social media. Humanizing these events as much as possible helps reduce the disconnect between virtual events and their audiences. There isn’t any way to make virtual events perfect and there will continue to be challenges, yet Max Mortillaro presents some useful tips for both vendors and attendees.

Max Mortillaro comments:

2020 had started under promising auspices, and yet by end of February it was clear that this wouldn’t be a “business as usual” kind of year. Due to health safety requirements, potential risks and expectations of low turnout, events ended up being cancelled one after the other.

Ultimately, most of the vendors decided to replace physical conferences with virtual events this year as a way to keep their audience (customers and partners) engaged.

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