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What Are Data Types Anyways?

Why does a programmer need to know about data types? Many programmers from the novice to the experienced take data types as given, but many do not know that things like strings and integers really mean.

So what are they and what do they really mean? Matt Oswalt, Perpetual Learner, Software Developer, Writer, and Public Speaker says that perfectly functional software has been created by using the tools of a language without asking questions. But, let’s ask those questions.

Matt Oswalt comments:

There are actually quite a few resources out there for a novice programmer to learn about data types like strings, integers, floats, and more. The wikipedia page, as an example, covers a broad spectrum of potential meanings. Just about any book or tutorial focused on a particular programming language will start off by listing the types supported by that language. This makes sense, since they are the fundamental building block of being able to do pretty much anything in that language.

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