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Packet Pushers — Show 5 — Deep Diving on Data Centre Switching — Trill, RBridges, and Ethernet — Oh My

We started out looking at new Juniper switches after this article on the Register Juniper rolls out multi-product attack on Cisco

Somehow we got into discussion of Data Centre switches and then we started deep diving into Data Centre Ethernet and the Death of Spanning Tree. On the way we took a detour through why Catalyst C6500 aren’t so great but are a universal workhorse, and some of the limitations of the Nexus 7000 platform and spend some time musing on the vagaries of IOS and its differences on different hardware platforms.

We took a quick look at the IOS Naming Conventions on IOS in Version 15.0 after Ivan Pepelnjak posted some information. IOS Release Numbering at IOS Hints.

EtherealMind on Network Fabric:TRILL for Server and Network People. Welcome RBridges

IETF Base Protocol

IETF Working Group

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Greg Ferro

Greg Ferro is the co-host of Packet Pushers. After surviving 25 years in Enterprise IT with only minor damage, he uses his networking expertise for good in the service of others by deep diving on technology and industry. His unique role as an inspirational cynicist brings a sense of fun, practicality and sheer talent to world of data networking and its place in a world of clouds.

He blogs regularly at http://etherealmind.com and the podcasts are at http://packetpushers.net.

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