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Runt Packet — Cisco Fabric Path

Packet Pushers are adding a new series of sporadic and occasional podcasts where we take a single topic, probably technical and very focussed and discuss just that thing. These podcasts should be about fifteen minutes and be brief and hard hitting.

And we are going to call it, in Packet Pushers style ––RUNT PACKETS.

So herewith is the FIRST Runt Packet.

Cisco FabricPath

Cisco debuted their FabricPath strategy and, frankly, the name is meaningless marketing drivel. Yet I know that it contains interesting new technologies such as TRILL andL2MP . So we got Omar Sultan and Mike Fratto to join Greg Ferro and have a deeper look at what this means as a strategy and what it means for customers.

So we doa short overview on FabricPath, talk about the impact on design, acceptance and adoption.

Some more informaiton on FabricPath : http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/switches/ps9441/fabic_path_promo.html and elsewhere on Cisco’s website.


Omar Sultan, Senior Solution Manager, Data Center Solutions, Cisco

Omar Sultan is a Senior Solution Manager for the Data Center Solutions team in the Cisco Central Marketing Organization. Omar has been at Cisco since 1999 and his current responsibilities center on the Cisco Nexus portfolio of data center switches. he blogs often at http://blogs.cisco.com/datacenter and on twitter as @omarsultan

Mike Fratto, Editor of Network Computing

Mike Editor of Network Computing covering network infrastructure, data center, and network access control. He has been with TechWeb for over 11 years and has extensive experience evaluating enterprise remote access, security, and network infrastructure products. He also teaches a network security graduate course at Syracuse University.

You can find him at http://www.networkcomputing.com/ and on twitter as @mfratto

About the author

Greg Ferro

Greg Ferro is the co-host of Packet Pushers. After surviving 25 years in Enterprise IT with only minor damage, he uses his networking expertise for good in the service of others by deep diving on technology and industry. His unique role as an inspirational cynicist brings a sense of fun, practicality and sheer talent to world of data networking and its place in a world of clouds.

He blogs regularly at http://etherealmind.com and the podcasts are at http://packetpushers.net.

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