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TFD Bonus 1 — Doug Gourlay of Arista Presents to Tech Field Day San Jose 09/17/2010

On September 16 & 17, Pushers  Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks attended the Tech Field Day event in San Jose, California.  This TFD bonus edition podcast is the first in a series of edited vendor presentations that will release over the next few weeks.  It takes time to edit them, but we’ll get the best stuff from TFD that we can out there for you.

Notes on the audio:  the presentations were recorded with a conference table microphone so as to pick up both the presenters and the delegates as there was back and forth dialog from time to time.  In post-edit, noise filtering and leveling was applied to make the quality as listenable as possible.  That said, the audio is not perfect.  We know.  Audio quality is important to us, too, and we promise we’re trying to make it as good as we can.

What You’ll Hear

Doug Gourlay, Vice President of Marketing for Arista Networks, talks to the Tech Field Day delegation about Arista’s ethernet switches. Doug’s bio reads as follows, “As Vice President of Marketing, Douglas Gourlay is responsible for product and solutions marketing, communications, and the strategic alliances of Arista Networks. Prior to joining Arista, Doug was the VP of Data Center Marketing at Cisco Systems where he held key roles in sales, product development, and marketing. Doug has filed or holds more than twenty patents in networking technologies.”

While listening, you’ll also hear Terry Slattery, Ivan Pepelnjak, Greg Ferro, Jeremy Filliben, Jeremy Gaddis and other members of the delegation interact with Doug.  As he speaks, Doug covers the following high-level topics:

  • Are the conglomerated networking companies too big to fail, or too big not to fail?
  • What goes into the architecture of an Arista switch, and what markets is Arista therefore targeting?
  • How is Arista making the job of a network operator easier?
  • You can download a free, virtualized flavor of the Arista operating system — vEOS.  It’s not an emulator.
  • What about integration with VMware?
  • What’s next on Arista’s roadmap?
  • The Arista platform is based on open-source Linux, and OS which you can still get at yourself.  What are the typical reactions when IT people hear about this?  Are you one of the ones saying  make the bad man go away? ;-)


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Greg Ferro

Greg Ferro is the co-host of Packet Pushers. After surviving 25 years in Enterprise IT with only minor damage, he uses his networking expertise for good in the service of others by deep diving on technology and industry. His unique role as an inspirational cynicist brings a sense of fun, practicality and sheer talent to world of data networking and its place in a world of clouds.

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