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Do You Use GitHub? Ever Thought About Backup…

Tech tends to follow a cycle of platform adoption where something new emerges, many people start embracing it, and eventually, some of the pitfalls of mass adoption tend to come to light. One such example is GitHub. The darling of developers and DevOps professionals alike, GitHub has become THE platform for application lifecycle management. So what happens if it is unavailable for an extended period of time? Michael Cade, who knows a thing or two about data protection and disaster preparedness, has given this quite a bit of thought and has chronicled his efforts to ensure that all of his hard work will not be lost should GitHub be unavailable for a prolonged period of time.

Michael Cade comments:

Do you use GitHub?

How do you ensure if GitHub was down for a reason that your developers could still gain access to their code but also how many people actually run their code from GitHub directly into their environment?

Why do you need to backup GitHub?

As mentioned above if something was to happen to access to GitHub and that doesn’t just mean a site failure from that end it could also mean internet connectivity or issues within your environment which stops the ability to gain access to GitHub.

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